Why employees love cloud computing

A lot of businesses don´t understand the benefits of using cloud computing well yet. They are afraid for putting their data online and losing precious time while trying a new way of working; working in the cloud. Using the cloud, however, isn’t something to be scared enough about to decide not trying it. This new technology actually helps business people to become very flexible. Workers will work from anywhere they are which means there is no reason to waiste time anymore while travelling to different places. Travelling to clients is a on going fact for many employees. Often managers must travel to other branches of a company and really have to be able to work in different work environments. With cloud computing this is possible. The only thing people need is an internet connection and they are ready to reach the data to go on and work at any place like at home. It’s suddenly possible to work wherever you are!

How can cloud computing help businesses

In daily life, it’s true that a lot of businesses (large corporations and small companies) get hardware themselves and maintain and manage everything within the company. Expectedly, this cost a lot of hours work, work space, hardware, knowledge and investments. Likewise, businesses often times employ difficult software which makes sustaining the application quite an effort. This often leads to outdated software and hardware. It´s difficult to keep up with the latest trends when IT, especially hardware and software combinations are done in-house. Unfortunately many users experience discomfort or inconvenience to end here because they do not get what they need. Cloud computing is here to be helpful. A lot of tasks that progress in terms of IT in a company are sometimes so difficult to make and apply now and quickly that businesses realize that it can’t happen without the IT department having a lot to do. For example: an extension of an email marketing system to link the system to a CRM software has become a matter of turning the software ”on/off” rather than an entirally new IT project.

The benefits of working in the Cloud

As the above examples explain to us, cloud computing has great advantages over what we now call classic way of working. Most businesses have experienced their workers to become more pleased when using cloud computing. Some sections of the Dutch government who are using cloud computing allow their people to work from home. This is a great advancement and get their people out of the routine of an office environment which makes people more satisfied when working a long time for the same company.

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